Is motherhood a profession?

Is motherhood a profession

 Is motherhood really a profession??

After 17 years, Manushi Chhillar has won the most awaited glorious crown for India and like every Indian is, I am so highly proud of her. Hats off to all her appreciative hard work.

Her instant answer to the last question asked at the beauty pageant 2017, has created a stir among the mothers these days. When questioned her that which profession deserves the highest salary and why? She answered –  ”  It is the mother’s profession that deserves to be paid highest salary. It is not just about cash but the love and respect which is given to someone”  Her answer to the last question was interesting and apt at that point of time and yes, I agree nothing is more challenging than being a mother and nourishing the future of the country with all positive approach; but since then I could observe numerous mothers on social media and in person has come up with the complaints that we are least paid for what we do. I can sense that many have perceived Manushi’s words in another way around.

Let me take you on my society’s tour:

It was 5 pm in the evening and as usual, we assembled at one decided chit-chat corner and somehow beauty pageant discussion began.

‘Manushi has spoken up my mind. I so always felt same.’ One among us started.

‘Gosh, I do so much for everyone in the family yet I don’t get a penny paid. Manushi Chillar took up a right issue.’ One more lady among us supported her.

‘And you know, I look after my in-laws as well, which is much more demanding than just being a mother.. still I am the one who is paid nothing.’ Other one expressed her dissatisfaction.

‘It’s been five years, I am looking after a kid but no one ever bothered. If we would have kept a nanny, my husband would have ended up spending huge amount, still, everyone takes me for granted and do not respect my profession.’ Another came up with her thought.

‘Yes, I too agree that motherhood should be the highest paid profession.’ Someone from the other corner of the group spoke after the discussion was near to over. And soon many had such set of complaints.

Until that time, I was accompanying them just as a listener.

‘What you have to say about this?’ One of my friends asked me, looking at me, as she could sense that I was shut from long.

‘What kind of payment are you urging for? Some salary?’ I asked looking at almost every one of them.

‘Yes of course. We mothers work so hard and yet no credited salary in the account. It should be the highest paid profession.’ The one who questioned me now replied in a confident flow.

‘Ok ..profession…..but since when motherhood had become a profession and who is going to pay you for taking care of your own belongings?’ I asked with calmness.

No one replied.

I agree, these days like everyone, mothers too want to be professionals but making motherhood a profession is something that can hurt any mother. Respect and love is what every mother urge for and for sure, every one of us gets our own fair share of it. Isn’t it? Calling up motherhood as a profession with a fixed regular payment is like insulting ourselves. Let’s understand Manushi’s point of view that motherhood should be the highest paid job. It’s not just about cash, but pay can be in a form of just love and respect as well. Though a word cash is what something I still want to edit in her answer but nevertheless, we are proud of you Miss world 2017, as it is easy said than done. Congratulations and love to Manushi Chhillar. RESPECT TO ALL THE MOTHERS IN THE WORLD!