Happy women’s day-I will never die, but will be around.

Yes, I am a proud woman, and I can fly.

When I have my heels high, I can fly above the sky,

I can bid an easy bye or can stand along with you throughout my life without questioning why.

Yes, I am a woman and I do cry,

I am a woman who has my shades all wet and dry.

Just don’t be judgemental

When I walk in shorts,

Or cover me with a saree.

Don’t be judgemental

when I go out and work,

Or when I stay at home and just lurk.

Don’t judge me when I walk in heels

Or I walk barefoot.

Don’t judge me for hair long or short.

Don’t judge me for not being a mother.

Don’t judge me for not converting me into someone’s wife.

Come on.. Just give me a break; I have my own life.

I am a strengthened proud woman and trust me

I can fly but sometimes I personally choose to defy.


I am a woman and am proud of it.

Life turned from a corporate girl to a mother is not easy.

When all at home, people look at you as if something is fishy.

Many think as if you can’t achieve anything.

But I choose to just smile and say nothing.

I don’t want to explain that to me, my family involves everything.

My child is my part that I don’t want to depart.

My husband is my life and for him, I survive.


I am a woman and am proud of it.

I am a dependent soul emotionally, 

But If you try to hurt my inner me, I am the one who is going to make you flee.

Life takes me through all rough and round.

But I am blessed with an exceptional gear that plunges me through aground.



Don’t cry, when I die.

Don’t weep or mourn when I am not around.

Remember, I have just closed my eyes,

But I can see you even when I am under the ground.

I am a daughter, sister, wife and a mom

And none of the relations I share would appreciate your single drop of tear downed.

When you awaken the next morning,

I will be the wind to flash around your cheeks.

I will be the sprinkles of water during rains.

I will never die but will be around teasing you with the bright rays of the sun.

When you see the birds chirping in the sky, Look up, I can be one observing you from high,

So please don’t cry when I die.

Don’t weep or mourn when I am not around.

I have just closed my eyes, but I can see you when I am even under the ground.

I will never die, but I will be around.