Daughters- What are your responsibilities to your parents?

Let us fight for equality of responsibility towards parents!!!

Every now and then we talk about women empowerment and equality. Many discriminatory laws persist in every corner of the world (equal share in the property of parents, etc.) but have anyone ever thought of sharing equal responsibilities? Has anyone ever realized that every time with authority comes responsibility? Or here, more I am concentrated on daughters and sons sharing equal responsibilities and duties towards their parents.

Yesterday, I was on my way to market and surprisingly I got to see my childhood friend with her pretty 3 yr old daughter. I was more than happy to see them. Hugged them both and inquisitively inquired about her mom and dad who were my favourite uncle aunty of the time.

“No, now they are not that well. Mom is suffering from arthritis and Dad is a severe diabetic patient.” -She said.
“Oh, sorry to know about them. Where is your brother these days?” I asked.
“I hate my brother. He left my old parents alone in India for 4 years and shifted to U.S. for work. He went out to get a better life while making the life of my parents a hell. My Mom and Dad are all alone now. He is a culprit. I hate him for not caring about his duties.”
Don’t know, but I was happy for her brother that his hard work paid for him and the culprit was a rather big word in the context. Well, I came out of my thoughts and continued the conversation.
“C’mon, You are in India. Healthy and alive, how can your parents be alone then?.”
“Yes, I am alive, but I am married and I can’t take them to my place and after all, they are my brother’s responsibility.” – She said casually but to me, her words were not at all casual. On the contrary, I was shocked and stumbled.
Anyway, after few minutes of extra chit-chat, I bade goodbye to her, but my mind was around her views and yes, I was still shocked and stumbled; more because I have seen her grow. I can recollect the affection and care she uses to get from her mom and dad. Upbringing her with love was her parent’s pleasure and now when the turn has changed, she talks about responsibility and that too of her brother and not about her. I remember, her parents were exactly like mine.

Ever since I remember my existence on this planet, I never realized any discrimination my parents have shown to my brother and me. We used to go to the same school, We had similar cycles, We had toys in common, we received equal amounts of pocket-money. We were equally scolded, loved, cared, encouraged and same goes until today. To sum up, I was and I am no different from my brother to them and suddenly when a girl gets married society pressures the brother to take up the sole responsibility of parents and moreover girls like my friend, start differentiating between brother’s and her duties towards their originator; and then you loudly fight that there should be no gender discrimination. I am unable to take up this self-contradictory hollow views!

Yes, I know this is an unspoken system made up by society where after girl’s wedding her parents are not accepted to live warmly in her house and there are places where till date also parents don’t even drink water from daughter’s place so going and living is a big deal, but I really feel sorry for all those who accept such preposterous culture, I feel pity for those who get in an idiosyncratic view of some set of people and miss the opportunity to serve their progenitor. I would like to ask the daughters who share my friend’s thought that how you would have felt when you have nurtured two mango trees (a son and a daughter) with equal efforts and when they are ripe to yield fruits, you get to know that now one of the trees (son) is not worthy of giving fruits for any reason big or small and another tree (daughter) is in someones else custody and you will not be getting the fruits from any of the two trees you cared all your life for. How hurting it would be!
( I know, me, being a parent can say that no parents think this way, they just do it without expecting anything..no one thinks of fruits but if they don’t, you should.)

I agree that society has made up a specific system, where everyone has an equal share of responsibilities. Son has his lot and daughter has her own. I am okay with this, but daughters, at least you can be the equally responsible caretaker. When your brother is away for any reason and they feel alone take them with you, give them all the love they deserve, care for their tender heart, make them comfortable at your place, in your world. Make them feel that their daughter is as worthy as a son. At their age, it may be difficult for them to break some insane rules set by some cluster of people but you can. It’s time for a serious brainwash!

Women, if you talk of equal rights, why not of equal responsibility!

Don’t refrain from your duties. Society has made up many rules which you often oppose for your own betterment, so why not this!

This time, Let us fight for this social and moral right!

Let us fight for equality of responsibility towards parents!!!