Mom’s Renewable Energy

Mom's Renewable Energy
Mom’s Renewable Energy


Have you ever heard of having celebrations every day at home? Probably no would be your answer. But for me it is a big yes!!

Yes! I party hard everyday! Keshavi, My year old little power bank keeps me alive making me celebrate each and every moment. She makes me watch rhymes on T.V. (and actually these days we watch nothing else than twinlke-twinlke, baa baa black sheep, humpty dumpty etc.and even I keep on chanting them when television is off), as soon as her rhyming mode ends,she is ready with her pink big barbie printed ball to play with and I am suppose to be her partner there (Aajao mamma is what she shouts in her loudest of voice) and then after, there comes a session of walking practice where I act like her protector walking behind till she is tired of it,immediately after that she wants to swing high aaannnndddd then we enter in an abcd zone……a list is big enough to pen down………!!!!

children have an inbuilt energy store in them but from where do moms get the vigour to step with their kids all day long? Yes, I have answer to this question for all the moms-The time when with love baby hold her mom’s hand in their tiny hands to take them to the places they want to go and play, some kind of unknown energy(for me, this energy is the love she shows, her happiness to play and her innocent smile) gets transferred from them to you, making you revived and more or less equally active. The way they make you toast there absurd, silly yet innocent and adorable acts nourish a child in you and as i said, children have an inbuilt power bank so has you have now. hence, mystery solved  😉

I would definitely like to thank my darling daughter for kick-starting me and  bringing my very missed childhood again.
Do you want to thank your child too for the same?