Be enthusiastic | God will fill you with enormous power

Some people walk, Some people run,
But few who race, Achieve the victory with fastest pace.

No matters, Who you are?
From where you are?
Just adhere to fact,
That you are great born with immense possibilities,
With inimitable talents,
Which are still latent;
And believe me you will feel dynamic enough,
And will cross every marshy track which is most tough.
But just don’t walk or run,
Participate in race ,
With all your optimistic taste.

Never stifle your potential with only one failure,
For failures are the stumbling stones,
Which will manifest your dumping zones;
Don’t feel gloomy,
Don’t become shanky,
With any kind of harassing situation,
Be stern, And believe me,
Your life will take a positive turn,
For with severity attitude,

God will fill you with enormous power,
That you will enjoy yourself under gladsome shower;
But remember don’t just walk or run,
Participate in race,
With all your vanquishing pace.

My dear, Occlude your fear,
And pack your tear,
For they will never pay you cheer;
Believe me,
you are most omnipotent,
Just trust yourself and think you are;
So make your base,
Ready for participating in race.