Life has its ups and downs,
Sometimes situation may be not sound,
But always keep garnished your head with crown.

Be positive,
Think brighter,
For hitches may be for betterment,
And once every life has to face such event.

Don’t get dispirited,
For these are all the nesting phase,
And ofcource your life’s testing phase,
So never underestimate,

Don’t just linger,
Be a new beginner,
For resting at this peak time,
Will never bring anything in your life so fine.

Forget about every harrowing past,
Come up and illuminate your task,
For depressing time will not ever last.

Get endorsed-
No one is unfortunate,
It all depends on what you act,
And how you react.
Never allow to dissipitate your self- trust,
For to achieve your goal it is fore must,

Try not to geminate your mistake,
For it seems to be the most heedless case,
Get admonished, innovate and learn from them,
And put all your labour you can.

Don’t feel tired,
Persevere for what you desire,
Come up and fly higher and higher,
For you have the power to achieve everything,
For you have the power to substantiate your dreams.

Work harder and harder for it,
And for sure success will touch your feet,
Have a true faith in yourself,
And you will definitely get whatever you need!