Balance in life

This morning I woke up screaming.”I want to go back to my school days.” A succession of images, thoughts and emotions passed through my mind while I was sleeping and probably is a cause of such a jovial scream. I saw myself smartly dressed in white shirt, brown above knee length divider skirt with a tie and batch properly placed. I seemed so happy and was laughing aloud. Anyway, that was just a dream and not a heavy thought to be given about.

Later, when I just laid down on the sofa with a television remote in hand, I got mesmerised with my own jumping attitude of becoming a kid and going back to school. I then asked from myself -’ Is that the school I am missing?” The answer was no; I feel, I am grown up enough to sit in a school’s classroom being scolded by teachers. Then again I questioned ‘is that the friends I am missing?’no: I realised as social media has enough connected us all.’Do I want to study again?’ well, I have rights and time to study now as well.’Is tension free life is what I am missing?’ Irritating but again no…I haven’t had any tension so far. The series of the question was followed by many more questions and it made me think even more that, what is that “Special factor” which is making me love those old days today even after ages.

Self-brainstorming began and finally, I found the answer. Do you want to know the answer? It’s balance in life which is definitely missing. When I was a kid, I had the proper blend of work and play. 8 hours of sound sleep, performing pooja before leaving for school, passing happy 6 hours in school where we use to meet friends and teachers, coming back, resting, self-studies, playing out on the ground, gossiping with a sibling, spending time with parents and then in bed. What a lovely work-play fusion it was.

Balance…never realised the importance till my today’s dream. I accept it, that, We all miss the evenness and equilibrium. I have been in both the stages of life: A working woman and now a housewife and a mom. It was tough managing office and house and today, even more, tougher to sit at home when my world revolves around my husband and in trying to balance in-laws and kids with my own personality. Now I have fewer faces to look at, no office parties to chill out that used to make me fresh. I am just at home busy with my routine which lacks the balance in my life.

And I am also thinking of men who go out, try to balance his office, boss and also the demands of his upper written housewife and ultimately most of us find work-life balance a challenging task and that leads to boredom.

The problem I could find that makes the balance of life difficult is our belief: A belief that balance is everything we want but in the true sense nobody has that. It’s about making choices and enjoying them. It’s all about better time management as there are always more demands than we have time to meet. It is just a way of trying to balance them. So better than looking for balance in life, let us work on time management.

Be happy always!