Two little rabbits.

two rabbits

Once in a dense forest, there lived two rabbits. Their names were Chiki and Banu. Both were very beloved friends. Every day, they went together finding food, played together and used to do everything together. But both of them possessed the contradictory attitude to work. Chiki always wants to finish one work, before starting another and Banu felt that if I will do all my work side by side then we will be free soon and can manage more time to play.

One day, Chiki and Banu got terribly hungry late in the night. Both were feeling sleepy and tired too. They realised that they wouldn’t be able to sleep until they will eat something.

Chiki said – “Let’s go out of the house and find some food to eat.” Banu also walked with him. They went very far in search of the food. Both were now tired of walking and were sleepy. After walking for some more time, they saw a carrot farm. Their eyes twinkled and they felt delighted. They entered in and quickly started eating their preferred carrots.

story of rabbits.
chiki and Banu enjoying carrots.

Banu gulp down one carrot and according to the habit said – ” Chiki, let us go home now as I am feeling better after eating one carrot. The time we will feel hungry again, we will come back and eat. Now we know where the carrots are.”

Chiki said – “We are far away from home, if we get starved after reaching home, we will be unable to come back. Also after sleeping, if we will feel hunger in mid-sleep, then we will be disturbed. In this case, as well, we will have to come back to this far away farm. So please let us eat full, then we will go back to sleep comfortably in the house. “

Banu did not agree to what Chiki said.

“Do what you want, but I am going home now.” Banu said and walked towards the house.

Chiki kept eating till his stomach was full and then moved ahead towards the home. But what he saw in the way— Banu was returning to the carrot farm.

Chiki stopped and asked Banu- “What happened, my friend? why are you coming back?”

Banu said – “I reached almost close to the house but then I felt I am hungry again.”

“Ok, but now when you are another time in this place, fill your tummy full before returning to home.” Chiki said and stepped towards the house. He reached home in some time and went to sleep comfortably.

moral story.

According to Banu’s habit, he again consumed only one carrot and returned home. He too went to sleep then. But he would have slept for just two hours and his sleep interrupted. He realised his stomach wanted food again. He got up, again went to the farm, ate a bit, came back and slept again. He kept doing this all through the night.

The following morning, he was extremely fatigued. He neither had slept peacefully in the night nor had the pleasure of eating. On the other hand, he saw the Chiki was sleeping all night long. Banu felt sad and annoyed.

When Chiki got up in the morning, looking at his friend’s sad face he asked “What happened Banu? Why your face is looking pale?”

Banu now understood that his method of working was so wrong. He understood that by trying to finish each and every task at the same time, he could not do any of them perfectly.

Banu embraced the Chiki and said – “Friend, I have now understood the importance of finishing one task perfectly before initiating another. Chiki hugged him even tighter.

Moral of the story – Complete one work, before starting the other one.


two rabbits
Two friends