लालची कॉकरोच और छिपकली.

   एक राजा का बड़ा सा महल था. उस महल में वह बहुत शानो-शौकत के साथ रेहता था. उसी महल में छुप कर एक छिपकली और एक कॉकरोच रहते थे. दोनों अच्छे दोस्त थे. बहुत मज़े से वो दोनों राजा Continue reading लालची कॉकरोच और छिपकली.

Two little rabbits.

Once in a dense forest, there lived two rabbits. Their names were Chiki and Banu. Both were very beloved friends. Every day, they went together finding food, played together and used to do everything together. But both of them possessed Continue reading Two little rabbits.

Balance in life

This morning I woke up screaming.”I want to go back to my school days.” A succession of images, thoughts and emotions passed through my mind while I was sleeping and probably is a cause of such a jovial scream. I Continue reading Balance in life

Daughters- What are your responsibilities to your parents?

Let us fight for equality of responsibility towards parents!!! Every now and then we talk about women empowerment and equality. Many discriminatory laws persist in every corner of the world (equal share in the property of parents, etc.) but have Continue reading Daughters- What are your responsibilities to your parents?