Dating is important !



Wow! what a wonderful evening it was! A surprise dinner date with husband! Experienced the love in the air after long!

I was ideally watching T.V. and a sudden phone call from my husband Himanshu on an odd time on Friday evening brought a happy thought in me. Cheerfully, I picked the call.

“ Hey ! I will be reaching home in few minutes ”- Himanshu said.
“ What ? It’s just 7 ? Coming early today ? ”
“ Just get ready. We are going out. A surprise for you.”
My eyes lit up (surprises has always enchanted me.)
“ And Keshavi ?(Our daughter) What about her? “
“ ohhooo..You interrogate a lot. keep her with mum. I want to be with my wife tonight.”

I was happy to hear ‘my wife’ after an extended period of time. Ever since Keshavi has entered our lives, I am just a mom. Though till date we had never been out anywhere without our darling daughter but for a reason mysterious to me, today I felt like going with him, exclusively.

Bell rang and excitedly, I, in my favourite black knee length dress opened the door.
“ Surprise!!!! !” (Even you would have thought it’s Himanshu but sadly, it’s not him.)
“ Look, Your uncle and aunty are here!!!!! ” -They exclaimed as I opened the door and then paused.
“ Aren’t you happy to see us ” – Uncle on the door asked after looking at my non-delighted face which is out of my fundamental qualities. I have always been a good host who has entertained guests with great success but that time my temporary state of mind was not to entertain them.
Irrespective of what I wished, I touched their feet, smiled and welcomed them in the house. (Atithi devo bhava)

As they were entering in, I noticed Himanshu sliding the lift’s door.
He gazed at me differently as if to investigate ‘ Why did you invited them? ’ and I looked back at him with the feel to say ‘ Do you think I am a fool that I will invite them today? ’
He nodded his head saying no.
What a conversation it was! Funny yet showing the rapport!

Well, Himanshu greeted them. Later I made snacks for them followed by cups of coffee, Chit- chatted for two hours (Though my mind was occupied in anticipating the surprise I was expected to get.)

“ It’s time for us to go.”- Aunty informed.
It was for the first time we would not have asked them to stay back but yes this time we did it. They left.

We finally took our car out.
“ What do you think, where are we going? “
“ Don’t know. “- I responded.
Himanshu drove car slowly to some hotel I have never been.
I pushed down the car’s window. A huge building with trendy exterior completely captivated me. The blend of red ,blue, green and many more bright colors were giving it a very young look. It brought a newness in me.
We moved to the open terrace restaurant of the hotel.

Light instrumental music and gentle wind took my heart. There was an already booked table for us from where we could see the waves of water moving to and fro. Yes, we were on the beach shore. There were lot many people around us enjoying their meals but somehow they were like disappeared from my sight and what I could perceive was Himanshu and me sitting together sharing the uninterrupted time after long. I felt love in the air. Love, which was somewhere hidden from an year.

Sir, what would you like to have? A waiter interrupted my thoughts.
Cheese pakodas and two cocktail drinks, He ordered some specific drinks though I don’t remember the names.
“ How is the place? ”- Mr. Husband asked.
“ Wow”, was all I could say.

Himanshu initiated talking about our lives back when we were rejoicing our courtship. He talked of the fun we had, of the times when we often use to go to restaurants, disc etc. which is restricted after we had our daughter. (though no doubt our daughter is the best part of our lives). He refreshed my memories of old times.He refreshed the love, the joy and the emotions we shared. The long late night talks on reliance special plan 🙂 😉 and many more.

He was speaking and I was more into listening part. Just trying to relive those old yet fresh expressions of love. I was relishing the feel of lovers after ages as these days most of the time we live being mom and dad. Yes,child is the best gift ever but I was comprehending that I was missing this feel of living me in him.

“ Sir,any order for dinner. ” – Waiter questioned
No, don’t disturb and please go is what I wanted to say
“ Please bring a plate of veg-crispy  and one more plate of cheese pakodas”- Himanshu requested.
“ Do you really want to eat that? “ – I asked as my stomach had little space left for dinner also.
“ No, I want to sit more ”
I smiled as I could easily sense his feel.
Himanshu resumed talking to me asking about starting my
blog. He reminded me of the days when I use to write for many newspapers, magazines etc. It is he who motivated me to write and for sure and I am here because of him and for him. Honestly speaking , If we wouldn’t have been on a date and we wouldn’t have found out this secluded time for us, I would never have got a chance to express and write.
The words of Anthony Liccione went through my mind- “ To express open creativity, you first need to create your own space of seclusion.” I realised how important it was for me to have this time and bring out the missed me and how important sometimes it is to be on a date with your partner who know you so well! (You get real time for yourselves!) .We kept talking, smiling, laughing and sharing the love for hours.

Finally ordered the dinner.Only dal tadka and jeera rice as in last three hours, talks and snacks had made our stomach already full. We had our dinner silently but felt as if talking noiselessly. Ended the dinner,paid and moved down stilly ,probably we were thinking we could stay there for one whole night or many. Reached our parking slot .Opened the car lock. As himanshu was getting in, I , without giving a second of pause went closer to him, kissed on his cheeks, wrapped him in a hug for more than a minute and he hugged me all. Lot other people were there but for the first time ever it really didn’t bothered me. All I wanted was, to say thank you to my love and I believe that my arms around is worth a thousand words. We were back to home after a simple long drive accompanied by lovely music.

“You were looking gorgeous tonight.” He said calmly after our date ended. Though late but still I was delighted to hear as his appreciation of any kind ,in any way has always felt me ecstatic. His words are all what matters to me.

Sometimes life may be difficult, unpleasant and troublesome but trust me just take a day off from all the formalities of life, talk of your unachieved dreams, talk about the best days you had together, speak out the unspoken love and give a simple hug. It will warm and charm your life. Few little cares and shares acts like a medicine to life!