Home remedy for cold in babies.


Here I am with a sure shot remedy for cold. When my daughter was of 10 months she suffered from severe cold for more than a month. I tried allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda as well but nothing worked. In fact, for a month, she was on allopathic medicines but all in vain. Worriedly then after, I tried home remedy. The first attempt was a hit for my daughter. Then after always it proved as a successful treatment. I must say, it is a reliable foolproof easy remedy for cold.

Try it. Following are the step by step easy way –

1) Take half a cup of mustard oil (sarson ka tel), put some ginger in it (One teaspoon of crushed ginger) and also add nutmeg (Jaiphal) powder in it (25% of one nutmeg).

2) Boil this mustard oil for 2 mints.

3) Keep it aside and wait till it cool down.

4) Once cooled,filter it and keep it in any safe bottle.

5) Massage your baby with this oil twice in a day.
Once in the morning and another before sleeping.
Special massage on chest and foot is required.

Massage for 2-3 days, twice in a day. You will see the difference.

It cured my angel and hope it works for your little one as well.

Stay healthy!!!!!