Be a good husband to your pregnant!


A month before, when I was down in bed after the super-duper celebration of my baby’s first birthday and one year of our parenthood,my mind somehow took me back to the days when Keshavi, my little champ was kicking in my womb and i started thinking of my journey during pregnancy. What a unique illusive experience it was!!!!  Happy yet difficult!!! Full of emotional exhaustion yet so fresh!!!  Seeking for husband’s support yet wanted to be independent!!!  A complete package of uffff and aaahhaa it was!!!! Walking down the memory lane, I started thinking of the things a husband must do for his pregnant wife.

17275657-Silhouette-of-a-pregnant-woman--Stock-Vector-pregnancy-cartoon-blackSo dads to are few tips for you-

1)Give her all the attention of the world- Religiously don’t forget to ask about her health each and everyday. Make your wife feel the most cared for.Not every time she expects you to do so but now as she is going through many chemical and biological changes, she needs extra attention and your two arms around her.

2)Assure her that she is and will be your first love –  Her little heart may feel insecure of losing her place once when baby is in dad’s hand. Though I am sure that later immediately after having the first look of the baby she will understand what a little one means to both of you but till that time, keep assuring that her place is safe as this is one way to keep her happy.

3)Accompany her to doctor’s visit as many times as you can – As this will make her feel that she is not alone in her tough days of pregnancy and also that you care for the baby as much as she do.

4)Pamper her- Give her foot and back massage occasionally as massage is one of the best home therapies a pregnant woman may need during pregnancy.

 5)Do offer  little help in domestic chores –  I understand you might be exhausted after a long working day in office and not in a mood to work but i would suggest you to extend little help to her. Even though that small little help won’t give her much of physical rest but definitely that will make her happy to know that you understand what she is going through and you are there for her whenever she needs.

6)Take out private time for her in regular intervals – Carrying baby is not that easy as it looks . Taking care of herself all day long and apart that not enjoying many of the things she loves to do(eg.tracking, sometimes even she is restricted to go to office, she may not drive etc) may create a state of boredom for her. Do find some time to spend with her, to listen to her concerns. Take her out for a walk or on a  dinner date occasionally and also  to the places she loves to go as this will keep her charged for all 9 months.

7)Motivate her to take healthy balanced diet and  exercising – You make it a habit of serving a glass of milk everyday for her before bedtime. Find some time regularly, when you cut fruits and ask her to eat.Become her partner in exercising.

8)Be patient with her mood-swings – Even if she cries for silly unreasonable reasons, be overnice to her as both of you may not connect and understand at that particular point of time but it’s her hormones that play a part in all ups and downs. Try to programme your mind and heart according to her wishes.

8)Value and respect her decisions- Let her choose the place she want to deliver the baby and let her decide in which month she want to move to that particular place and when she want to come back. Don’t forget that even after delivering she, a fresh mom may be in need of you.  Don’t put useless extra pressure by forcing her for anything.

Believe me, Its equally a big responsibility to be a good husband for your pregnant wife as being a father is!!!